Cisco welcomes you to the Internet Learning Center – the turn-key acquisition program that provides you with two sales programs under one roof: an Internet Classroom for residential market acquisition and an Internet Business Solutions Center for commercial market growth. Both programs carry your brand to establish your name in the community as the High Speed Internet Educator for the business and/or home markets.

Once your company signs up for the program, you will receive a marketing kit containing all of the information (including samples, camera-ready materials and TV spot reel) you'll need to launch the Internet Learning Center program of your choice in your area. Handy order forms are included in each folder for your use or you can order all advertising, promotional and student materials directly from this web site. Many of the items can even be downloaded directly if you prefer to have them produced locally.

Campaign Creative
The campaign creative focuses on an invitation to discover the thrill of high-speed Internet access by taking a free Internet class or seminar. The emphasis of the advertising is on learning, with people at their own level, how to use the Internet to enhance the way they live, work and play.

The central theme is that the Internet Learning Center is a fun place to learn how to use the Internet and, at the same time, they'll get to test drive cable's fast Internet connection. Although the advertising makes no direct mention of a sales pitch, there is a reference of not being under any obligation to purchase the high speed service.

The Internet Classroom syllabus is comprised of three levels of consumer classes – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The Internet Business Solutions Center syllabus has two business seminars. You will need to download and customize the lesson plans prior to the training of the class instructors and ad placement. Follow the directions on the web site.

Please contact your CILC program director for more information.


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