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A collection of Spectrum Marketing's most recent collateral pieces is displayed here for your review. We craft every piece to meet your goals and drive your target audience to take action. This section has been divided into two categories Cable and Regular. Then sub-categories that will help you find the specific type of communication materials for your business or industry.
Click on the one that is right for you, to view more samples.
Spectrum Marketing has executed a wide range of effective, award-winning Acquisition campaigns. To guarantee a successful and smooth campaign make Spectrum Marketing your partner on your next Acquisition project.
Digital Cable has arrived. Take advantage of this revolutionary technology and combine forces with Spectrum Marketing for a successful Digital campaign.
From postcards to posters, Spectrum Marketing will help you create the marketing materials that build excitement around Pay-Per-View Movies.
With Spectrum Marketing in your corner, you can count on big returns from Pay-Per-View Events.
Spectrum Marketing can help you acquire new customers and keep them informed and satisfied.
Spectrum can help in coordinating complex construction pieces and properly notifying all the right people within certain time restrictions.
Non Cable
For our Regular Accounts, Spectrum utilizes our experience to produce quality pieces for outside the cable world. Take a look at what we can do when we "change channels".
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